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I read once that wisdom is 'healed pain'.

Father's Day 2015

things my Dad taught me...

-a simple life is a good life

-family is important 

-how to be neat and orderly

-how to have a budget and balance a checkbook

-how important it is to love, visit and care for your mother. He spoke to her often in Vermont, spent his two week vacation visiting and helping her every summer, brought her to live with us in Massachusetts when the time came that she couldn't live alone.

-it is important to have a good work ethic

mothers day 2015

went to visit my Mom today. I know she is not really there, at the cemetery, but it is a place to go a literal concrete place to go to say I love you and miss you everyday of my life.

Being with my Mom always felt like home to me. When she died it seemed like I lost my sense of home, my security, my sense of, well...everything. To say the very least it rocked and shook my world to the core.

She was just THE best! A few of her favorite lines...

"c'est la vie" - and really all that happens is just life.

wrapped in a warm blanket

the changing landscape










simply summer

the month of May which brought spring time freshness here to New England seems to have quickly come and gone and here we are in the middle of summer bliss.

We had family visiting us from up state New York at the end of May. I always enjoy spending time with people who share my history, enjoy the present and who I can expect to be in my future. Time with family always passes too quickly like an elusive butterfly. I just can't seem to catch enough. My inspiration for item #286 elusive butterfly.

Mother's Day 2014

The Rocking Chair

beauty in brokenness

While searching through my studio I came across a mason jar full of sea glass. I seem to have a passion for collecting; gathering items that speak to me and touch my soul. Random treasures from the sea has always been at the top of this list. Almost nothing compares to walking along the shoreline and spotting a small colored piece of sea glass, holding it between your fingers and feeling its smooth edges. Each piece tells a story, although one that you will never know; that intrigue, that mystery captivates me.
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